Tips to sell your home quickly Georgia

If you are trying to sell your house then here are a few tips to SELL your home quickly in Georgia.

Lets face it. The Atlanta market doesn’t seem to be bouncing back as fast as homeowners would like. Bloomburg reports that while the rest of the nations top cities are selling homes Atlanta is not. In fact Atlanta had the biggest year-over-year drop, in fact, with prices falling 12 percent.

What is a home owner to do to sell their home quickly in Georgia?

We have scoured a few of the helpful Georgia real estate blogs that offer the following helpful tips.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful and serve as a little home insurance to help you sell your house faster.

Adams Homes offers the following tips for the EXTERIOR of your home. After all you want CURB appeal:

1.  Rake exterior mulch and replace any wilted plants.

3.  Sweep the entry and remove cobwebs from exterior and interior where necessary.

4.  Turn off the sprinkler system the day of showings – you don’t want your prospects to get wet!

5.  Make sure the pool has been swept and pressure wash the surrounding area.

These Decluttering rules are JUST as important or even MORE important inside your home.

Create a room Focal point to sell your home quicker.

The Tina Fountain blog offers the following suggestion to help your interior rooms pop:

“A focal point is an area specifically meant to draw attention and create interest in a room. It punctuates the room and makes it inviting. The focal point could be an architectural detail, a fireplace with a great mirror above it, a large beautiful painting, a lovely cabinet, and so on. Each room needs a focal point to help it feel balanced. Go throughout your home and see if you can clearly identify a focal point in each room. If a focal point is cluttered or non-existent, take some steps to improve it or create a new one.”

Address those Weakspots before they become a point of concern

Does your home have a “potential weakspot”? Notice what Atlanta Fine Homes blog suggests you can do to address this:

Take potential buyers’ attention away from the weak spots. For example, the home had a master on the main, which is a desired feature, but the master bathroom and closet were smaller than buyers may have expected. “In the closet, I made sure I had an outfit on display,” she said. By drawing the eye to the outfit hanging up, she hoped buyers would not dwell on the closet’s size.”

Claim your home on Zilllow?

What is a ZILLOW ?

Notice what the folks at had to say about the awesome advantage of CLAIMING your home on

“Whether you’re thinking of selling your home soon or you’re planning to stay there long-term, claiming your home on Zillow is a good idea. Here’s why: When you claim your home on Zillow, you can edit the property details for your home. You may find that the number of bedrooms or bathrooms or the square footage is listed incorrectly or that some of the features of your home – like the fact that you have hardwood floors, a fireplace, a security system, or other upgrades – have not been included.”

 Hide any sign of Fido? 

Notice what the mortgage guys atlanta blog had to say about the importance of HIDING any signs of Pets you may have:

“While most people agree that pets are important members of the family, not everyone is pet-friendly. Remove food and water bowls and make sure the litterbox is out of sight and kept clean so buyers who aren’t animal lovers aren’t turned off. Most importantly, keep your pets crated or better yet, with you during an open house.”

You mean my chartreuse painted walls might hurt me?

Finally here is a suggestion  from blog about painting your home in NEUTRAL colors.

“When you move into your NEW home, feel free to paint every room chartreuse and fuchsia if you’d like, but for staging purposes, stick with muted, LIGHT colors. White in bathrooms is particularly recommended, as it suggests CLEANLINESS.”

When you finally sell your home please remember where yopu heard these tips from. Contact us for a free quote on your new home insurance coverage in Georgia.

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