Tips for cleaning your garage in Gwinnett county

I don’t have to tell you how messy a garage can get do I.

Whether you are selling your home or just tired of a messy garage, you might want to pay attention to these tips.

A clean garage is not only safer, it can add curb appeal to your home and maybe put a an extra few dollars in your pocket.

Why not combine the idea of garage decluttering with a garage sale?

Okay lets clean up that garage, are you ready?

Form 3 piles for your stuff.

  • what am i keeping?
  • What can i give away or sell?
  • What will i throw out?

Take everything you have accumulated and haven’t used for the last year and hold a neighborhood garage sale. You can advertise it on craigslist¬†and pout up a few neighborhood signs. Just check with your neighborhood sign ordinances first. Donate everything else to Good Will.

After the garage sale and clean out lets make this garage sparkle.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Have your driveway & garage concrete floor pressure washed.
  • Paint your garage floor with an epoxy paint.
  • Hang ladders on the walls.
  • Hang all brooms, rakes, shovels etc on the walls.
  • Go to home depot and pick up some simple cabinets or wall shelving.
  • Store all flammable liquids in a locked metal cabinet. This will prevent children from experimenting with them. It will also prevent a house fire.

Now make a promise to yourself to keep this clean from now on. Celebrate every year with a spring cleaning pizza party.


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