Should YOU get Flood Insurance in Georgia?

So should YOU be thinking about getting Flood Insurance in Georgia?

After seeing what so many homeowners in NY and NJ have suffered because of hurricane Sandy it makes you wonder if you should get FLOOD insurance for your home in Georgia.

NBC stated that most were not protected by flood policy.

That is because standard homeowners insurance does not cover floods.

Those that were covered may have gotten SOME coverage. However if they didn’t have a “WIND” policy they were out of luck for missing roof tiles do to the hurricane.

This can get complicated!

So YOU might consider doing so if you live near the Georgia coast or a flood plain.

But remember that many of the families that were impacted by Sandy were not in flood plains either.

When Mother Nature rears her ugly side it doesn’t matter where you are.

Who can forget the epic CNN footage when Atlanta was flooded back in 2009!

The majority of the people impacted did not have flood insurance.

Thousands of people were frantically calling to get flood insurance as the storm grew closer.

Little did they know what the folks at the Murray Group share that there is a 30 day WAIT period between the time you sign on and the time you are covered.

Are people better off having flood insurance?

YOU be the judge.

If you ask FEMA it does.

After Sandy hit, many of the homeowners in Rockaway Beach and Howard Beach NY that had no flood insurance made out financially better with FEMA than those that were financially responsible and bought flood insurance beforehand.

Apparently flood insurance will only reimburse so much for basement repairs. That means whether you have a “cellar” or a home theater room… YOU are getting the same amount.


You can see why there are those that will NEVER get flood insurance.

They believe it’s the governments responsibility to bail them out.

Unfortunately this has lad to additional problems.

TIME tells us “Though the program has been effective at making flood insurance widely available, a growing chorus of critics from environmentalists to libertarians has been attacking it for encouraging homeowners to build recklessly in areas that are prone to flooding

Flood insurance isn’t cheap. In fact expect it to go up after this last round of hurricanes.

If you would like a free quote than speak to one of our preferred Georgia home insurance agencies


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