Is it time to refinance your Home in Georgia ?

save money on home refiance in GeorgiaIs it time to refinance your Home in Georgia to save money?

Lets face it everyone wants to save money nowadays.

Whether it is saving money on your home insurance in Atlanta or looking for ways to refinance your home in Georgia most people are interested if it makes sense to do so.

With home interests rates as of today hanging around 3.5 percent or lower it SOUNDS really good doesn’t it?

So that is the $99,000, Does it make BUSINESS sense to refinance your Georgia home?

The answer is that it depends…

QUESTION 1: Will it SAVE you money?

QUESTION 2: Will you have to PAY closing costs?

Make sure you find out all of the TRUE closing costs up front BEFORE making a decision!

“The true closing cost of the refinance includes an appraisal fee, an underwriting fee, an escrow fee, title insurance, a recording fee, and a notary fee. Taxes, insurance, and interest are separate from this charge.”  Source

It might take several  years to pay off those closing costs in savings. So ask yourself will i be living here long enough to make it worthwhile to refinance my home?

Question 3: Could I pay my home off in 15 years instead of 30 with a home refinance?

Imagine how GOOD it woill feel when your home is paid off EARLY!  This is certainly something to think about when weighing the pros and cons of your decision.

Don’t make the MISTAKE of refinancing your home without having the FACTS first.

Remember, just as you would talk to a professional agent about ways to save on your home insurance coverage so to PLEASE  talk to a proffessional about the pros and cons of refinancing your home in Georgia .

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