How to save money on cooling your home in Georgia

save money on cooling your home in GAWho else wants to save money on cooling your home in Georgia?

We don’t have to tell you how HOT it gets in Georgia in July and August SUMMERS.

Here are a few easy ways to Cut Back on Your Cooling Methods and Save Money.

  1. Studies have shown significant savings, regarding energy expenses, after installation of Energy Star standard windows. Such windows provide better insulation for the house, keeping the hot air out and cool air in, resulting in lower use of cooling appliances.
  2. Use microwave ovens and grills INSTEAD of indoor ovens and stoves.
  3. Have your AC units inspected annually to make sure they are optimally running.
  4. Plant trees near the house, especially on the sun facing sides, to lower the temperature.
  5. Cover your exterior walls covered with house wrap. This will significantly make the inside atmosphere much more hospitable.
  6.  Use a whole-house fan
  7. Buy an energy efficient Air conditioning unit that is properly SIZED for your needs.
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Now that we have shown you how to save money on cooling your house, how about letting us help you save money on your Georgia home insurance too!

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