How to Pocket 1000.00 Off Your Home Heating Bill This Winter In Georgia

Who Else Wants To Learn How to Pocket 1000.00 Off Your Home Heating Bill This Winter In Georgia?

Our goal here at is to show you ways to save money on your home insurance.

save money on heating billsIn todays Guest post however,  we have Glenn Osborn sharing a few tips on how to save $ 1000.00 off your Georgia home heating bill this winter in Georgia.

Winter is right around the corner, so  take out a pad and paper to take notes or feel free to print out these suggestions.

Feel FREE to contact Glenn if you have any questions afterward.


How to Pocket 1000.00 Off Your Home Heating Bill This Winter In Georgia

For years I took care of thousands of student apartments and dormitory rooms 24/7 for a University in Maryland.

I had dozens of situations where a student seemed to lack all common sense. Short of flicking a switch for AC or heat they were clueless.

Many of our students knew very little about heating or air conditioning. And would run both at the same time. Window AC blasting. Central heat turned up high.

Then later Maryland De-regulated our electricity to reduce our bills. Our rates doubled. Then went up some more. In fact our fees are headed higher as I write this.

So everything I’m sharing here is in Use at my place and at my Dad’s house too.

My heating bill of over 800.00 a mo is below 100.00 a month now. Here’s how I did it. No matter what you use to heat your home this will help cut costs. Gas, oil, electric heat – this works.

Basically you warm one room instead of the entire house. You simply turn the heat down in rooms you don’t use.

  • Step 1 – Insulate around all your doors and windows first. Then cover exposed pipes with insulation. Don’t forget to cover your water heater too!
  • Step 2 – At my home I took thick plastic and covered the largest windows in the family room. This keeps the wind out. Even with double or triple insulated windows you can feel a cold breeze at times.
  • Step 3 – Do the math. Any heatpump jumps to 10.00 an hour when the outside temperature drops below 32 degrees. So in coldest weather you Bleed Munny!
  • Step 4 – I’ve located heaters with no moving parts to put in each room that only cost 15 cents an hour to run. I close the doors to the bedrooms and areas with no water pipes.
  • Step 5 – For Example: Say your house is 2000 sq feet. My Dad closes the doors to all 4 bedrooms. Closes doors to all 3 bathrooms too. Puts cheap heaters there. In the basement too the low cost heater thermostats are set to keep pipes from freezing.

ACTION SUMMARY – You may not be a zealot like me. I haven’t run my heat pump in 7 years. I know I’ve Saved More than 20,000.00 over 7 years between my Dad & my home. My father rarely turns his oil furnace on.

You may not use All Five Ideas on my list. But if you Keep the room you Use Most Toasty warm. Heat other rooms at 15 cents an hour instead of 2.00 an hour from all other types of heat. You Will Save a Bundle!


Glenn Osborn Email me if you have Questions at

P.S. – My years running a 72 mil lion budget (24/7) Housing Dept For a University In Maryland
seem to have made me more of an EXPERT at saving munny in any Home, Condo or Apartment
than anyone I know.
My electrician, Heat and Cooling Contractor friendsvHeat, AC AND Electric Bills are Higher than mine!
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We hope you enjoyed our guest post today on how to save $1,000 a month on your heating bill this winter in Georgia.


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