How much is home insurance in Atlanta cost?

So then how much is home insurance in Atlanta cost?

The answer is, it “DEPENDS”.

Now I am sure that is not the answer you were looking for.

But stay with me on this for a moment please. In a moment you will see why it is imperative to talk to an experienced agent to help you get the best Georgia home insurance coverage by getting you all of your Georgia home insurance discounts.

How much your home insurance in Atlanta will cost will depend on several things:

1- How much does the home cost? Think about it. It only makes sense that a more EXPENSIVE home would cost more to insure than a less expensive home.

2- Occupancy. Is this a one family, 2 family a duplex or a triplex? As you can imagine a  duplex will cost more to replace than a single family home will. It will have 2 sets of electrical services, 2 sets of hvac systems, 2 water heaters etc.

3- Where is the home located? If you live in an area of Atlanta that has a lot of crime then be prepared to pay a little more for your home insurance. Insurance is all about managing risks. Crime ridden neighborhoods will statistically have more break ins and vandalism.

4- How old is the home? A NEWER home would cost more to insure than an older home that needs a lot of safety upgrades like electrical and plumbing. Make sense?

5- Your CLAIMS history? I am sorry to tell you but if you have a HISTORY of placing a lot of CLAIMS you are considered a higher risk! So think twice about making small claims.

6- Combine with other insurance policies? Combine your homeowners with your auto insurance in Atlanta and BINGO! Save up to 25%!

7- Ask About Insurance Company Discounts:

  • Non-smoker
  • Mature-homeowner
  • Multiple policy
  • Longtime-customer

8- Home Security Discount:  Do you have a home security system? Be sure to let your insurance company know.  They will be glad to give you a discount for this.

9- What is your home made out of? This also makes sense because if a home is made out of a COMBUSTIBLE material it will cost more to insure than a brick or block home.

10- Deductibles? A $250 deductible will cost more than a $1000 Atlanta home insurance deductible.

11-Replacement Coverage Amount: You can thank inflation for the higher prices your repairs to your home and possessions will cost you down the road. Since that is the case, if a house cost $100,000 today what will it cost you to REPLACE it later on. What will a $100,000 do for you if it costs $150,000 to replace in a few years? Replacement coverage will also protect you against DEPRECIATION. If your TV is struck by lightning do you want to get reimbursed for a new TV or do want a check for what they say your 10 year old TV is worth today.

12- Credit Rating: For those that think their credit score should have nothing to do with their home insurance premiums, I am sorry to tell you that they do. Statistically people with a higher credit score are deemed as safer risks. Lower your credit score and lower your premium.

12- Distance from fire station: Do you know where the closest fire station is? Homes that are closer to fire stations usually have a lower premium than homes that are a far away from fire stations. When it comes to a fire… every moment COUNT!

13-What breed of Dogs do you have? Do you have a dog that is listed on the insurance companies “most dangerous list”?  If you have a Pit Bull, Rottweilers or a  Doberman make sure your local insurance agent knows about it. If not… you might not be covered in a claim that involves your dog hurting someone.

14-  Swimming Pool: Are you looking to add a pool or thinking of buying a house with a pool? Be sure to check in with your insurance agent and see how the pool will affect your rates.

15.  Trampoline:  Do you own a trampoline? Tell your insurance company about it BEFORE you need to file a claim. Otherwise they may not cover you.

16. Value of your home minus land costs. Don’t pay for replacement costs to replace your land! Make sure you minus the value of the land when calculating what the replacement costs of your home are.

17. Contents. Did you know that if your possessions are valued at more than 50% of the dwelling s value- you could lose out big time. If the value of your personal  property has is in excess of that amount, you should immediately increase the size of the policy limits on your contents.

18- Liability Limits. If someone hurt themselves at your home would your current policy levels be enough? If a jury awarded them 1 million dollars you could be in big trouble because you were under insured. Increase your liability limits above the minimum that comes with a basic homeowners policy.

19- Good old Mother Mature: Is the home in an area that statistically and historically at known to be at-risk for natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes etc.

20- Do you run a home business: If you operate a home business your premium will increase. Especially if you have clients that come to the house!

Now you can see why I said that the question “how much will home insurance in Atlanta cost me?” is not an easy one to answer.

Why not pick up the phone or fill out the contact form on the right to schedule a consultation today to see how much your home insurance in Atlanta will cost you.

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