Georgia Home Insurance Quote Bait and Switch Story

Bait and switch home insurance quotesWill You Fall For This Common Georgia Home Insurance Quote Bait and Switch Story?

In our quest for the BEST home insurance story we interviewed Shawnda Fowler of Lloyd Pro Group a homeowners insurance Agency in Atlanta.

Shawnda, are bait and switch tactics something homeowners should be wary of when shopping for home insurance in Georgia?

“I quoted a home insurance policy for a person in Atlanta.

As always I quoted REPLACEMENT value for the home in case they needed to rebuild it later on.

Apparently they got a LOWER quote from All**** and they decided to go with them to save money.

Within 90 days All**** RAISED their prices to reflect the CORRECT price to rebuild their home, like we had quoted originally.

The funny thing is that they wound up being more expensive then us!”

The tables are turned

Shawnda, tell us what happened next?

“The homeowner canceled her policy and asked me to insure her home, because we quoted it correctly from the beginning.

That is the way we do things here at Lloyd Pro Group.

We tell people up front so that there are no surprises later on.

Our customers like that.”

You can learn more about Lloyd Pro Group of Atlanta here at

Thanks Shawnda for that terrific story and life lesson in what happens when you automatically go with the cheapest price!

Did you catch the valuable lessons in this story?

  1. Find a home insurance agent that will EDUCATE you before quoting a price so there are no surprises later on.
  2. Compare apples to apples instead of apples to oranges when reviewing home insurance quotes.
  3. Does you quote INCLUDE enough coverage for the REPLACEMENT value of the house? Remember, if it does not… you can expect a surprise increase in 90 days

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