Good home inspections cost money, but they’re priceless

Are Atlanta home inspections just another EXPENSE before closing?

YOU are excited about your new home!

YOU have plans for fixing it up exactly as you have in your mind.




YOU feel you need to save money instead of hiring the best Atlanta home inspector.

Now what if instead of spending your hard earned money on fixing up your dream home you have to spend $20,000 on repairs tat you NEVER knew about?

Steve Cassel, of JSC Enterprises, a Mcdonough heat and air  company tells us that getting a home inspection beforehand could save you thousands of dollars on replacing a heat pump system, air conditioning repair or a water heater in Mcdonough.

Bill, from an Augusta car insurance agency, says that “Home inspections are alot like home insurance. REMEMBER they only help you if you get them BEFORE there is a problem.”

Now what should you do then?

The Miami Herald reminds us: “Every home purchase involves some unknowns and risks, but smart buying requires evaluating all of the major systems and components to ensure they are sound and compliant with code requirements. If you’re a typical homebuyer, you enlist the services of a professional home inspector for this task, but their expertise and competence vary widely. Ultimately, the homebuyer will live with the consequences of the decision, and that’s who needs some educating to spot a good home — and a good home inspector.”

In this article on inspecting the inspector the author wrote: “The reputation and experience level of a home inspector always determines the outcome of an inspection, not the price tag,” says Ralph LaTorraca, broker/owner of LaTorraca Realtors in Bloomfield.

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I think that a lot of people don't consider the importance of these inspections. They think that they will just be able to tell what's wrong by eye and their own opinion. On the contrary, it is very beneficial to a homeowner to have someone check out your home. It can save you a lot of money in the end. 

Sophie Green
Sophie Green

It sounds like it would be really helpful to have a home inspection before buying a house. My husband and I are looking at a few different homes right now, and I think it would be great to get a professional's opinion about the condition of the house. You're right that there are some risks in buying a home, but some of that risk can be eliminated by getting an inspection. In fact, it would be really nice to get a professional opinion about a few of the pump systems we've seen.
Sophie Green |