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Georgia Home Insurance Discounts

Georgia Homeowners Insurance Discounts That May Be Available To You

How many of these Georgia home insurance discounts do you qualify for?

You can save on your homeowners insurance when you qualify for any of the discounts that are mentioned below. The only way to see if you really qualify is to contact one of our GA home insurance specialists right now. Why not print this page out and call now?

  • Georgia Homeowners and auto insurance discount: Whether you have a Honda, Mercedes or even a clunker you can save money when you combine policies. Don’t be surprised if you can save up to 20% or more when you insure your car and home with us.
  • Protective device discount: Did you know that you can receive up to an ADDITIONAL 15% discount if your home has smoke detectors, fire alarms, burglary alarms, fire extinguishers or sprinkler systems?
  •  Claims-free discount: What is your track record? Did you know that you could get up to an ADDITIONAL 20% discount on your homeowners insurance when you stay claims-free?
  • Age of construction discount: How old is your home? Did you know that you could get up to an ADDITIONAL 30% discount based on your home’s age?
  • Age of insured discount: How old are you? When you turn 60 we will give you a nice present for up to ANOTHER 15% homeowners insurance discount!
  • Personal status discount: Believe it or not you can possibly get up to ANOTHER 5% discount just for being married or widowed.

Now to qualify all of this. The availability, amount and eligibility for discount home insurance discounts will vary by each individuals policy based on the actual home insurance company you select. So please call to see which Georgia Home Insurance Discounts you qualify for and how much you can start saving today!

Learn about the how to get the best home insurance coverage in Georgia for your money.