Does your home insurance policy cover mold?

Do you assume your homeowners policy covers mold?


Thats exactly what these folks did.

Apparently many who were impacted by floods out west are thinking twice about their homeowner’s insurance policies now. They’re wondering why they’re not covered against mold.

Notice what one person said:

“When the floods came in, we weren’t really aware they were going to come in, so we didn’t have any insurance,” Ledezma said.

He said when he gets insurance he’s going to double-check to make sure the policy covers mold.

“There can be companies that exclude it,” said Lupita Rodriguez, insurance agent. “It’s just very important… to see their exclusions on their policy.”

It is also important to that homeowner policies do not cover damages caused by fungi.

They are not alone.

Many wonder why they’re not automatically covered against mold.

It makes them feel insecure about their insurance coverage.

How does this apply to you and I?

If you are living in the state of Georgia ask your insurance carrier now…

Before you need to make a claim.

REMEMBER that an ounce of prevention is worth a lb of cure 🙂

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