do you have one of these dangerous dogs?

pit bull puppy

Hey neighbor!

Are you a dog lover?

Then you are in good company here.

Whether you love to hold a chihuahua or a Great Dane we understand how you feel about mans best friend.

For some of us our dogs are our family. Perhaps they are even like children!

Here lies the problem…

1- Dog attacks do occur
2- Dog attacks happen even against the dogs’ owners.
Lets take an example:

Pit bulls have been known to attack children, the elderly, their owners or anyone that happens to be in  the way. If the dog feels threatened, it has been known to bite.

While many Pitt owners swear that their baby would never attack them…
The facts are that this breed has led to more fatalities than any other.


Are we picking on Pit Bulls?

Are we saying all Pit Bulls are dangerous?


Did you know that the dog whisperer, Cesar Millan has a gentle pit bull that he often uses to help train dogs that are out of control?

What does the dog whisperer have to say about Pitbulls?

“It’s not the breed that makes a good companion. All dogs are great companions. Communication creates a partnership and dogs have the simplest communication on the planet. For them, everything is about trust, respect and love.”

Unfortunately, while any breed of dog can be a great companion, almost any breed of dog can kill.

Here lies the problem…

When you combine a breed with a powerfully aggressive nature with improper care this leads to a higher number of injuries and fatalities than any other.

The result?

Many insurers will often not provide homeowner’s insurance coverage for several of the dog breeds listed below.

Are you looking for Home insurance in Atlanta? Find out if your dog breed is on the list.

The sheer volume of Pit Bull attacks have prompted many insurers to deny coverage associated with homeowners insurance. Many owners have to seek a special policy for coverage liability protection where their pet is concerned. Of course, some don’t bother to tell their insurer about their new pet and this could lead to problems, especially if the dog does bite or injure someone.


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