Do I Need Fish Tank Insurance In Georgia?

fish tank insurance georgiaSo Do I Need Fish Tank Insurance In Georgia Or Will Home Insurance Cover My Aquarium?

If you are an aquarium lover like so many of our fellow Georgians you might be wondering if your GA home insurance policy will protect your fishtank or will you require additional Fish Tank Insurance In Georgia?

And rightfully so, considering the expense of the thousands of dollars involved in setting up a freshwater or saltwater aquarium!

Even worse… What happens if your fish tank springs a leak!

I would like to share a few thoughts with you on this matter, but in the end I STRONGLY suggest talking to your insurance agent.

Georgia Home Insurance and your Aquarium.

So what if something happens to your fish tank which in turn causes damage to your home?

Unfortunately, you might find that your insurance company will try to deny the claim!

That is why it is important to talk to your insurance agent because each policy may have different coverage. So don’t delay in calling them!

  • Some insurance companies will cover repairing damage on the house, just not the tank or it’s contents.
  • Other insurance companies will require you to get an insurance rider to protect you just as you would to cover a waterbed.
  • Others will caution you to put a rider on your home owners insurance that will cover the tank and its contents too. The rider would cover all catastrophies, vandalism etc. It wouldn’t cover the death of a single fish however. Your tank itself would not be covered if the leak was due to a defect in the tank.
  • Many fish tank owners choose to pay for small amounts of damage out of pocket rather than risk your rates going up or cancellation.

What if you live in an apartment instead of owning a home?

Georgia renters insurance and your fish tank.

  • If you live in an apartment, a Georgia renters insurance policy should cover  everything including the aquarium, unfortunately it will NOT cover your fish!
  • In case of a tank leak, your renters insurance policy should cover any damage it might cause to your apartment.
  • If you live in a second floor apartment, make sure you have at least 100k in liability coverage. Think about it… If a 300 gallon tank leaks you might have to replace all of your neighbors belongings as well!
  • If you don’t have a renters insurance policy they can quite surprisingly AFFORDABLE. For under $200 a year you are usually covered for everything.

Final thoughts about needing aquarium insurance in Georgia

Whether you are a fish tank lover in Atlanta, Athens, Macon, or Rome GA for that matter, take the time to pull out your renters insurance policy or your home owners insurance policy. Familiarize yourself with them and then pick up the phone and contact your local agent and discuss your Georgia home insurance coverage. Talk to them. Tell them about your aquarium and ask them all the questions that are concerning you.

Then and only then will you really no if you need aquarium or fish tank insurance in Georgia.


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