Castles in the United States

There is an old saying that “A mans home is his castle”. Whether you live in a castle like this or just a ranch in Atlanta it is important to make sure you have the proper home insurance coverage.

Now you can see REAL castles right here in the good Old USA without having to go to Europe. Many of them sustained major damage to them over the years. Thankfully renovations have restored many to their pristine condition. Now you can see why home insurance is so important!

Here is a list of the top 10 US castles you can visit this year.

  • Castello di Amorosa: 121,000-square-foot, 107-room, eight-level complex includes a dungeon with a functional Renaissance-era iron maiden. It took 14 years to construct the castle using historically accurate medieval building techniques. Admission $18, including wine tasting.
  • Hearst Castle: William Randolph Hearst’s 115-room “Casa Grande” inspired by a Spanish cathedral. It also has three additional Mediterranean Revival guesthouses (46 more rooms total), 127 acres of gardens, the Neptune pool with authentic Roman temple pediment, the zoo with roaming reindeer and zebra, Egyptian Sekhmet statues on the terraces, and the private airstrip that things get a bit over-the-top.  San Simeon, CA, Admission from $25.
  • Bishop’s Palace: Built by Nicholas Clayton along Galveston’s Gulf Coast, the Bishop’s Palace for the Santa Fe railroad magnate Walther Gresha. Galveston, TX, Admission $10, private tours from $50.
  • Boldt Castle: Built on a heart-shaped isle in the Thousand Islands area. This six-story, 120-room casrtle was built by industrialist George Boldt for his wife as a gift. When his wife Louise died in 1904, the heartbroken Boldt ceased construction on the Rhineland-style Taj Mahal and left it to the elements for 73 years. Alexandria Bay, NY,
  • Castle in the Clouds: Millionaire shoe baron Thomas Plant, built his 1914 Lucknow Estate (named after the Indian city he loved) on the rim of an extinct caldera high in the Ossipee Mountains with unbroken views over 6,300 private acres of woods and lakes. Moultonborough, NH, Admission $16. Admission $8.
  • Grey Towers Castle: Grey Towers was built by eclectic sugar refiner William Welsh Harrison between 1893 and 1898 and modeled after Northumberland’s Alnwick Castle. The 40 rooms with gilded ceilings, tapestries, ornamental paintings, and hand-carved walnut and mahogany woodwork in styles from French Renaissance to Louis XV—and of course a Mirror Room—while secret passages behind fireplaces and underground tunnels.  Glenside, PA,
  • ‘Iolani Palace; America’s only true palace—as in, royalty resided here—was built from 1879 to 1882 by King Kalakua and Queen Kapi’olani of Hawaii. Honolulu, HI, 808/522-0832, Admission $12, guided tour $20.
  • Fonthill Castle: Former home of industrialist-turned-archaeologist Henry Mercer has 44 rooms (10 bathrooms, five bedrooms, and 200 windows), 32 stairwells, 18 fireplaces, and 21 chimneys are hewn from hand-mixed reinforced concrete in a mishmash of medieval, Gothic, and Byzantine styles sits on 60-acres in Bucks County. Doylestown, PA,
  • Gillette Castle: William Hooker Gillette’s 24-room castle was completed in 1919 and is the focal point of his 184-acre Seventh Sister estate, a forested bluff overlooking the Connecticut River. Haddam, CT, Admission $6. Admission $12
  • OHEKA Castle: Second largest private estate in the nation, OHEKA—an acronym of Otto Herman Kahn, its millionaire financier original owner) and is now a 32-room luxury hotel. Originally set on 443 acres, massive tons of earth were moved to make the hilltop location of the 127-room, 109,000-square-foot manse the highest point in Long Island. The 1919 price tag: $11 million. That’s $110 million in today’s money. Huntington, NY, Admission $25. Double rooms from $395 per night. source

Whether you live in your own castle or one of these Magnate castels allow us the opportunity to help you with your home insurance quote.

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